1986 is a creative jewellery designer and a manufacturer cooperation that focuses on detail, wearability and individualism, all wrapped in a sense of fun.

Founded in 2012 in London by Amira Hatta and Robert Parsons, 1986 has developed into a branded company and was formally registered in 2013.

1986 is dedicated to the philosophy of designing, creating, and producing exciting, fun, and luxurious jewellery pieces that offer the individual a different way to wear jewellery. They experiment with the boundaries of pure creativity, thus producing unique, fresh, young, and desirable jewellery pieces that make exciting and wonderful fashion statements.

Because they want people to reconnect with jewellery, especially in a time of fast fashion and throw-away pieces; 1986 focuses on creating affordable, high quality and unique jewellery that people want to wear and cherish. This can be seen in the collections that it creates, which, have their own distinct look that sets them apart. This is shown in the founding collections Bee93°. Wiggle Wiggle and Rebellion which all stay true to the sense of fun that the company set about creating in 2012. 1986 wants its collections to be loved and treasured and allow the wearer to create their own unique sense of fashion.1986 designs and manufactures its own products. Great attention and emphasis are placed on the design that is unusual and admirable. Each collection begins with an idea that is then shared by the design team and different themes are put forward for selection. The theme selected is then refined and progresses onto manufacture where beautifully crafted pieces of high quality are produced.